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  • Someone looking for an amazing opportunity

    • It’s for anyone looking for a new business opportunity without a huge investment.
    • Someone looking for a new career and wants to open their own retail location.
    • An existing business owner who wants to add this to their existing services.
    • If you want to start an inexpensive business with NO RISK, then this is for you!
  • No Pre-Requisites Needed

    • The great thing is that there are no Prerequisites needed to become Assisted Stretching Certified, just an internet connection, a pen, notebook and open mind and heart!
    • Anyone with an interest in the Health & Wellness Field who wishes to build a real business while helping others AND make a rewarding & fulfilling career from being an Assisted Stretching Business Owner.
  • Create the life you always dreamed of

    • This Certification is for anyone that wants to be Assisted Stretching Certified.
    • Build a business to help others be more flexible, more range of motion, or help rid of everyday aches and pains.
    • We leave no Stone unturned. We want you to succeed!  

"I am a personal trainer and adding this Assisted Stretching Certification was perfect compliment to my other services.  This actually became my main business offer with the help of the Stretch business in the box.


You can't go wrong with these guys can't wait to welcome you to the team!"

Greg Coleman

Certified Stretchologist

Personal Trainer

"This was exactly the business I was looking for without the ridiculous high cost of a franchise. Assisted Stretching Certification Training  & Biz in the Box was first class! Recommend this to anyone"

Erik Ceipluch

Certified Stretchologist

Texas Retail Owner



"Active Recovery 1on1 Assisted Stretching is part of my workout... so this was a no-brainer decision adding this to my gyms!"

Anthony "Showtime" Pettis

UFC Former World Champion

WI & NV Multi-Unit Owner